Our Story

Viliana, Hrishabh and Muthoni met in Karlskrona, on Sweden’s idyllic south coast, in the fall of 2018, where they began a transformational Masters in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability (MSLS) at the Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH).


They worked together throughout that year on a number of different projects, including a comprehensive sustainability strategy for BAGA, a leading water technology firm, and even a Master’s thesis on “Integrating Sustainability into Sector Agnostic Innovation Hubs: The Case of Venture Café Global Network”. By the end of the program, they were firmly convinced that they wanted to embark upon something transformational and bigger, together.


Things took a year or so to coalesce, the arrival of Olívia helped put things in motion and ReImagined Futures was born.


Our Team


Hrishabh Sandilya

Hrishabh is the Head of Project Phoenix in Cyprus. Project Phoenix is a hybrid NGO and social enterprise that Hrishabh launched in Nicosia, in October 2019. It aims for systemic change...

Viliana Dzhartova

Viliana (Vili) is passionate about systems change through organisational transformation and has 7 years of experience in social and environmental sustainability. She started her career...

Muthoni Nduhiu

Muthoni has over 8 years of experience in the field of climate change and environmental and social sustainability. She has worked with governments, the private sector and civil society...


Olívia Viana Neves
Primary collaborator

Olívia Neves has dedicated the last seven years to supporting social and environmental impact initiatives and contributing to the global sustainability transition. She has worked on...

Anna Dimitrova

Anna has worked at the intersection of business and social impact for over 10 years as a facilitator and process consultant for large-scale projects in Bulgaria, France, England...

Anton Valkov

Anton is an experienced facilitator and consultant with 15 years of experience in various fields - corporate, non-governmental and community organisations. He specialises in...


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