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Research for Complexity

Corporate Social and Environmental Impact

Systems Practice


We offer comprehensive design facilitation and strategizing for systems change. Our practice is based on systems thinking training and systems mapping-based research and analysis. We also leverage our vast networks to provide comprehensive training and workshops in the field.


Systems thinking is a skill which can be applied to any research or strategy task as it reveals and clarifies the interconnections of the elements within a system that can help you achieve your desired social purpose.


We combine systems thinking tools and participatory facilitation methods to help our partners better understand the complexity of the systems they are trying to change and then co-create high leverage interventions.

Systems Practice

At the core of our practice, is the process of systems mapping which helps reveal the patterns driving the system’s behaviour and identify opportunities for change.

Some practical examples of our systems change work include:


Social Innovation


With human-centred design at the core of our approach to any transformation, we offer a number of social innovation services including programme design and re-design, transformative innovation support and conceptualisation and management of donor-funded projects.


Our offerings include innovation training, design sprints, ideation sessions, as well as tools for comprehensive measurements of social impact and public policy outcomes. We’re also well-versed in running hackathons, incubators and accelerators to drive innovative outcomes.

Social Innovation

Some examples of our social innovation work include:


Research for Complexity


Building on our transdisciplinary academic backgrounds and experience with research and analysis in different fields, including climate change, migration, social innovation, entrepreneurship, geopolitics and education, we offer clients bespoke research services to help inform and design strategies for addressing complexity. We rely on a large gender diverse network of researchers across East Africa, the Middle East and Europe with lived experience in their fields of expertise.

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Research for Complexity

Some examples of our work in this space include:


  • Partnering with Purpose House UK to research and co-design the sustainable purpose strategy of one the world’s leading breweries in East Africa; and one of the largest dairy cooperatives in Asia.

  • Working with one of Europe’s leading philanthropic foundations to inform and redesign their migration programming strategy in Israel and Palestine.

Corporate Social and Environmental Impact


We rethink traditional CSR strategies and help organisations move towards embedding social and environmental impact into their DNA by drawing on our extensive experience in the field and our systems-perspective. This offers shared value to both business and stakeholders. 


We also offer support with the B Corp and Future Fit Business certifications. Whether your organisation is at the beginning of its impact journey and is interested in these certifications as a north star, or has already gone beyond compliance and needs support with the certification assessment, we can help you achieve your goal.

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Corporate, Social and Envioronmental Impact

Some examples of our work in this space include:


  • Working with Samsung and Karierko in the Czech Republic on the Tvoje Sance CSR Initiative to provide training on sustainability, social innovation and systems thinking.

  • Organising and leading an experiential sustainability training for the senior leadership team at Infineon, one of the biggest semi-conductors producers in the world.

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