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Approach and Mindsets

At ReImagined Futures, we understand that complex problems require systemic, participatory and innovative approaches and we draw upon a variety of tools and methods to shape our work.


We facilitate outcomes that provide the right balance between fixing problems on the surface and redesigning the very systems that create problems in the first place. 


We work with leading systems thinkers and practitioners, facilitators, designers and sustainability experts to co-create impactful outputs that are tailored to reflect the context and the client.

Our Anchor Points


The Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD) which provides both a principle-based definition of social and environmental sustainability and an operational methodology for effecting sustainability transitions.


The Future-Fit Business Benchmark which builds on the FSSD and allows organisations to collectively move towards creating shared and systems value.

Theory U.webp

Theory U coalesces our myriad approaches, explores purpose and helps us build essential leadership capacities in ourselves and our clients.

Human centered design.webp

Human-Centered Design is at the core of all our work and complements our use of participatory approaches.

Systems practice.webp

Systems Practice from the Omidyar Group guides us in helping organisations to develop a deeper understanding of systems, identify leverage points to intervene and exploit opportunities for systemic change.

Art of hosting .webp

Art of Hosting provides us with rich design and facilitation methodologies for dialogue and co-creation of innovation to address complex challenges and use this to shape our participatory client work.

Reimagined Futures weaves these selected methodologies and tools into a

3-step iterative co-created process. 

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